Grip Guard Non Slip  were chosen by JG King Projects for the supply and installation of tactile ground surface indicators (TGSI) for the recent project, Boxing Fit in Port Melbourne. This newly completed fitness facility required tactiles that complemented the decor of the facility while meeting Australian Standards.

As tactiles were required to be installed on both the existing checker plate stair landings as well as a carpeted landing, it was decided that retrofit PolyPads were the suitable option for the gymnasium. The PolyPads could be installed directly onto the checker plate and, because of their unique design, meet Australian Standards.

PolyPad tactiles are available in a range of colours including ivory, black, yellow, grey, sky blue, sunset orange, storm grey, ocean blue and terracotta to suit any decor. Ocean blue tactiles were chosen for this installation as they complemented the red, white and blue colour scheme of the facility.