Many businesses mistakenly believe that placing a slippery floor sign in areas that become slippery when wet offers protection from litigation.

Unfortunately, these signs simply indicate that the business is aware that its floors become slippery when wet but have not taken obligatory steps to eliminate the danger.

Floors that are not slip resistant leave businesses vulnerable to the financial impacts of being sued. Lack of knowledge is not an excuse for breaching safety laws.

Instead of highlighting the lack of compliance to health and safety guidelines, businesses need to address their floor surfaces to ensure they represent a safe environment for employees and the general public. 

Grip Guard Non Slip's non-slip floor treatment is a tool for eliminating slippery floor issues. PosiGrip's operators offer all their clients regular testing of all floor surfaces to ensure that the co-efficient of friction (degree of slip resistance) is at a safe level.

This testing, carried out with an ASM slip meter provides the security that comes with knowing that floor safety issues have been addressed and are being maintained.

When problem floor surfaces are detected, Grip Guard Non Slip's operators can provide the correct non slip treatment and advice to ensure that the appropriate co-efficient of friction is reached so that non slip floor surfaces is achieved and maintained.