Grip Guard Non-Slip  has a slip resistant solution for every floor surface – ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, concrete (polished or unpolished), terrazzo, granite, marble, polished wood, vinyl –  Grip Guard operators can provide floor safety solutions for all floors regardless of the composition.  

Grip Guard’s anti-slip floor safety solutions allow businesses to meet OH&S obligations and protect staff and visitors.  Workplace health and safety regulations are stringent and Grip Guard clients feel secure in the knowledge that they have taken appropriate steps to meet mandatory slip resistance requirements.  Slip and fall injuries are the second largest workplace accident in the workplace and initiatives to reduce these injuries are essential.  

Grip Guard floor treatments also allow property owners to protect their families and the public from dangerous slip and fall accidents.  The elderly and young children are at the greatest risk of accidents caused by slippery floor surfaces however, people of all ages risk serious injuries if floor surfaces are not slip resistant.  

It is essential that floors are tested on a regular basis to ensure that non-slip qualities are maintained - especially in commercial/industrial applications where heavy traffic (especially vehicular activities) and the introduction of foreign materials are likely.  

Grip Guard Non-Slip operators throughout Australia are trained to measure slip resistance and provide expert advice and treatments which meet Australian Standards of slip resistance.   

Grip Guard Non-Slip operators are also able to recommend and/or provide cleaning/maintenance programs to ensure the anti-slip properties of the floor surface are not compromised.  

Grip Guard Non-Slip operators are friendly, prompt and efficient.  There is little or no disruption to normal business operations and, if necessary, anti-slip treatments can be carried out outside of business hours.  Most treated surfaces are safe to walk on immediately.  

Grip Guard Non-Slip has operators throughout Australia including Victoria (Melbourne), NSW (Sydney), Tasmania (Hobart), Queensland (Brisbane), South Australia (Adelaide), Western Australia (Perth), ACT (Canberra) as well as most regional areas.