Grip Guard Non Slip  recently launched its new website which has been designed specifically to aid navigation and functionality for users. The new and improved site is an excellent showcase for Grip Guard’s full range of floor safety products and services which includes the following.

Grip Guard anti-slip floor safety treatment works by permanently modifying stone based floors including ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, granite, terrazzo, exposed aggregate, limestone, and concrete. The unique floor treatment does not change the appearance of floors, yet leaves them much safer for pedestrians.

Grip Guard non-slip floor safety tapes are designed to add slip resistance to practically any floor surface. For chequerplate floors, the aluminum backed conformable tape molds to the irregular surface to ensure excellent adhesive and long term slip resistance. For timber stairs, transparent Aquagrip tape can be utilised to increase slip resistance with a minimum change in appearance.

Grip Guard anti slip safety stair nosings provide a safe stair tread for pedestrians by ensuring that the leading edge has both slip resistance to avoid slips and falls, as well as luminous contrast for better visibility.

Grip Guard marine grade safety flooring is ideal for outdoor or environments that are very wet such as outdoor walkways, jetties, boats, pontoons, and marinas. The unique diamond shaped profile channels water from the foot to create a non-slip pedestrian surface.

Grip Guard also supplies a full range of tactile ground surface indicators including SureSteel, PolyStud, PolyPad, and porcelain tactiles that all conform to Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia.

Grip Guard’s head office is in Melbourne with representatives conveniently located throughout Australia in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth and selected regional areas as well as New Zealand.