Grip Guard Non Slip  has recently appointed a new representative, Simon Sutherland of Dynamic Grip, to service Canberra, Cootamundra and the surrounding areas with Grip Guard's full range of floor safety solutions.

Mr Sutherland will be installing Grip Guard floor safety solutions such as:

Grip Guard anti-slip floor treatment
A unique floor safety solution for stone-based floors including ceramic, porcelain, terrazzo, marble, granite, aggregate and slate. This treatment is not an anti-slip floor coating that will wear away over time, it instead microscopically modifies tiles and stone to create a safer non-slip pedestrian surface, while retaining the floor's colour, shine and ‘cleanability’.

Grip Guard non-slip tapes
A topical floor safety solution for floor surfaces that cannot be treated with Grip Guard anti-slip treatment, such as vinyl, timber, chequer plate and epoxy floors, due their lack of porosity.

Grip Guard non-slip safety stair nosings
A floor safety solutio to provide pedestrian safety on indoor and outdoor stairs. The carborundum nosings provide the ultimate in slip resistance on outdoor stairs while a smoother polymeric nosing insert provides optimal slip resistance and cleanability on indoor stairs.

Grip Guard marine trade safety flooring
A floor safety solution designed to provide the highest available slip resistance for use in wet environments. The unique non-slip floor surface has diamond shaped nodules that channel water away from the foot creating a safer floor surface.

Grip Guard tactiles
A floor safety solution designed to provide tactiles clues that help the visually impaired navigate safely in public areas.

Grip Guard representatives provide slip resistance testing as well as obligation-free demonstrations Australia-wide.