DuraGrip PU non slip sealer, now stocked by Grip Guard Non Slip , has been designed to increase slip resistance (R-10) on sealed timber and vinyl floors to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Timber floors are generally sealed to create an impervious barrier to water and other liquids that may cause staining or rotting. Because sealed timber is non-porous it becomes dangerously slippery - especially when wet.

DuraGrip anti slip coating increases the slip resistance of sealed timber floors. Small, perfectly round glass beads are embedded into the coating to create a non slip texture that is not gritty and therefore does not collect dirt and other contaminants.

Because DuraGrip non slip sealer is transparent, the appearance of the wood floor is virtually unchanged. DuraGrip is available in both gloss and satin finish to suit any design requirements. It can also be coloured (when used on concrete, for example) to create unique designs or a logo can be imbedded into the coating.

Further information on DuraGrip anti slip floor coatings can be found by visiting the Grip Guard website.