With a network of expertly trained floor safety operators, Grip Guard Non Slip provides advice and services to their clients to help them ensure all legal requirements relating to floor safety are met.

Included in the range of services provided by Grip Guard Non Slip is the SafetyClean custom floor safety maintenance program; a custom deep floor cleaning program that delivers safe flooring conditions.

Floor cleaning is an integral part of maintaining floor safety. Day to day cleaning can usually achieve a clean looking floor, however, as many contaminants can be absorbed into the floor, particularly into the grouting, basic cleaning methods can fail to ensure the floor is as safe as it can be.

When a floor becomes wet, or is walked on with wet feet, dirt and other contaminants in the floor can be reactivated onto the surface. Periodical deep floor cleaning will help ensure any buildup of contaminants is kept to a minimum.

Grip Guard provides custom deep floor cleaning programs for clients who want to give their floors the best chance at delivering the safest conditions underfoot. This deep floor cleaning service is ideal for areas where contaminant buildup is usually unavoidable, such as commercial kitchens, foyers, outdoor paths, and bathrooms facilities. etc where contaminant buildup is usually unavoidable.