Grip Guard Non Slip  provides expert floor safety advice as well as a full range of floor treatments designed to create safe pedestrian surfaces.

For surfaces where Grip Guard anti-slip floor safety treatment is not suitable such as vinyl, rubber, wood, cork and other soft floor surfaces, Grip Guard offers non-slip tapes designed to treat these surfaces, including:

  • Standard, coarse and extra coarse non-slip tapes in a range of colours to match or contrast with the substrate on which it will be applied.
  • Hazard stripe non-slip tapes in black/yellow or red/white - for use in danger areas where extra safety warning is required.
  • Gritty Clear non-slip tapes - created for more aesthetically sensitive substrates such as wood and marble.
  • Fluorescent Yellow Non-Slip Tapes - made from a vivid day-glow anti-slip material for areas that need to be highlighted.
  • Cushion Grip Non-Slip Tapes - provide a resilient anti slip surface with many industry wide uses - soft underfoot comfort.
  • Aqua-Safe Non-Slip Tapes - ideal for use on fibreglass baths, showers, boats and in food safety areas (available in clear, white, and black).
  • Aluminium Conformable Non-Slip Tapes - ideal for ensuring a non-slip surface on checker plate or Dunbar plate.
  • Bolt Down Anti-Slip Aluminium Plates - great for use on grated surfaces where added slip resistance is required.
  • Grip Guard floor safety solutions are available throughout Australia and selected regional areas and New Zealand.