The library at Double Bay, NSW was designed to have large open spaces with indoor greenery. This increased the potential for rapid fire spread in the event of a fire. Greene Fire was selected to solve this issue utilising our industry leading fire engineered solutions.

The challenge

The aesthetic design of each building includes an atrium type void with a large open space staircase connecting the floors. This allowed the development of a grander open space area with a modern design.

The non-required non-fire isolated staircase within the library tenancy may connect the first, second and third floors, provided it is protected by a full height vertical concertina curtain at the top of the staircase. This curtain was required to have a minimum FRL of -/120/-.

The void in the level 3 floor slab within the library tenancy must be protected by a horizontal fire rated curtain, which achieves a minimum FRL of -/120/-.


Our solution

Our FireMaster range of products was determined to be the ideal solution for this issue. FireMaster Concertina was used to protect the inter-tenancy staircase and designed with a total of 10 sides, creating a guide-less circular shape, which completely closed the opening.

The use of FireMaster Concertina allowed the designers to realise their design by limiting the restrictions that were placed upon them surrounding fire safety and compartmentalisation.

FireMaster Horizontal was used to protect the void on level 3. This was the best solution as it requires only one horizontal curtain as opposed to multiple vertical curtains, and is often less costly than FireMaster Concertina.

Key benefits for this project:

  • Clear, open, uninterrupted space with no Visible Supports within the atrium
  • Cost savings on atrium construction requirements
  • Less expensive, less intrusive than multiple vertical fire curtains
  • Reduced maintenance costs with fewer curtains and no supports in the void
  • Allows points for Green Star ratings
  • Lightweight construction does not require structural steelwork

Project details

Project: Double Bay Library, NSW

Architect: Andrew Wong/ Donal Challoner

Fire Engineer: Defire

Application: Atrium

Product: FireMaster