Greenair  specialises in providing efficient air conditioners for heating and cooling applications. These air conditioners are supplied to residential as well as commercial sectors. Greenair supplies different brands of air conditioners. Air conditioners from Greenair are available in different models including split systems; multi split systems and ducted systems.

Split systems supplied by Greenair have been specifically designed for single room or area applications. These systems possess simple operation as well as prove to be a cost effective heating as well as cooling option. Split system model of air conditioner comprises of two separated major components. These air conditioners provide powerful operation and also ensure to reduce the noise level to a minimum level inside the house. The compressor part of the split system is generally mounted on the outer areas of the house that eliminates the noise from entering the house.

Comprehensive brands of split systems supplied by Greenair include Daikin, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and Fujitsu. These split system model of air conditioners are available in varying capacities. Several beneficial features of the split systems include high efficiency, compact design and minimal indoor noise produced.