Leading interior designer Shaynna Blaze of The Block and Selling Houses Australia, shares a few tips on making an impressive design statement in two of the most important rooms in the house: the kitchen and the bathroom.

According to Shaynna, home interiors are seeing a return of colour in bold and engaging palettes including rich tones with mixed metals, and contrasting palettes of crisp whites teamed with deep black or charcoal. Mosaics are also making a huge comeback in a spectacular range from traditional mosaics right through to artistic mosaics.

Shaynna’s tips on combining colours and textures:

Adding a dramatic feature

Shaynna believes a dramatic feature will add instant appeal and can be achieved by injecting colour or texture to draw attention to a specific area as soon as one enters the room. Using a ‘statement wall’ technique can help create a cohesive interior design. Shaynna has, for instance, ensured the splashback in her studio’s kitchen looks like a part of the kitchen by connecting with the bench and overhead cupboards rather than competing; however, she has used a mosaic feature in the bathroom as the eye-catching element of the room.

Trends in colour, texture, features and mosaics

According to Shaynna, design can take two distinct directions in kitchens and bathrooms: the sleek and minimalist look where everything is hidden away, or having all the appliances and gadgets on show with lots of colour in mosaic splashbacks. Her kitchen features smoky grey tiles with a mirrored finish that works with the grey paint and also takes on the changing light throughout the day, giving different colours and textures to the space. For a traditional touch, Shaynna added her old silverware to the kitchen’s contemporary décor, and blended the old with the new in the bathroom with sleek, stylish copper accents.

Ways to add colour and texture

Shaynna advises that it is important to first ensure the design and style of the kitchen and bathroom complement the rest of the house before one begins to personalise these spaces with features such as a splashback, door handles and benchtop accessories. Shaynna chose sharp, straight, edgy doors on the wall cabinetry to offset the island bench panelling and blend the period and new styles together. With 3.7m ceilings, she was aware the cupboards wouldn’t be accessed on a daily basis and having a solid door would have made them feel very top heavy. Instead, glass panel doors, which are lit from inside, have been used to create display cabinets for her silverware and vases.

Emerging trends in kitchen and bathroom makeovers

Island benches are increasingly becoming a real feature in the kitchen, specifically in colours contrasting with the wall cabinetry and bench surface. The butler’s pantry is trending on the wish list and is expected to become as popular as the master ensuite. Smart technology is also being integrated into the household through appliances that can be programmed to turn on or off, or lights that can be controlled using smartphones.

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