Grand Slam Sports Equipment  offer outdoor furniture that includes park seats, park benches, perforated steel benches, wall benches and bins. Grand Slam Sports Equipment offer park seats that are made from hardwood timber. The park seats have strong supports that are made from cast aluminium material. Park seats and benches are available in timber batten, timber batten with armrests and aluminium batten options.

Grand Slam Sports Equipment offer perforated steel furniture that includes perforated steel seats, perforated steel picnic settings, perforated steel benches, perforated mild steel wall benches and perforated steel bins. The perforated steel furniture is made from 2.5 millimetres perforated mild steel material. The furniture is sturdy and has a long-lasting powder-coated finish.

In addition to providing a wide range of outdoor furniture, Grand Slam Sports Equipment also offer an extensive range of indoor and outdoor sporting equipment such as athletics equipment, electronic scoreboards, tennis nets, cricket nets, to name a few.

Grand Slam Sports Equipment also offer tennis posts, tennis accessories and cleaning equipment. Tennis accessories include umpire chairs, chair canopies, ball pick ups, tennis ball machines, adjustable centre straps, plastic lines and rebound nets.

Grand Slam Sports Equipment offer cleaning equipment that includes dry court squeegees, court rollers, and grass and leaf sweepers.