Before choosing lintels and its size and type, certain things have to be questioned. Like whether the lintels are backed and warranteed by their manufacturer and whether they perform to an R3 durability rating, with a zinc coating of 600 g/m2.  

According to Galintel, designers need to look at the full life cycle of a building and design for longevity and low maintenance. This would guarantee an extension of building life and a reduction in costs over the building life cycle, both critical qualifications for warranty insurance.  

Because lintels are an important load-bearing component in brickwork it is essential to specify a product that is fully hot-dipped galvanised to high rating. When combined with an appropriate inspection and maintenance program, building life can be further extended.  

Galintel steel lintels have been fully field-tested to ensure they comply with an R3 durability rating.  Lintels with an R2 rating have a zinc coating only half as thick. Galintel steel lintels also show good results in avoiding corrosion; that’s because the lintels are protected with a generous galvanising layer, including the ends of the product where corrosion often begins.