GM Baden  offers spare parts for heavy construction machinery along with Liebherr. The latest models of the machines have interchangeable parts, which reduces the amount of spare parts required; this enables GM Baden to comply to the client's specifications.

The product from Liebherr includes crawler crane, which is a heavy duty crane with load lifting capacity of 280 tonnes. This equipment works well with existing distributionship for Liebherr and Gm Baden offers services to such types of cranes.

John Holland Group has purchased the crawler crane with hydraulic boom, manufactured at Liebherr factory. This crane has a hydraulic boom with 100 tonne capacity and its placed over crawler tracks.

Some of the new and existing models of Liebherr mobile crane include LTM 1040-2.1 with two axles and 40 tonne capacity, LTM 1160-5.1 with 160 tonne capacity on 5 axles, LTR 1100 - crawler crane which features a hydraulic boom with 100 tonne capacity.

Recently delivered cranes include LTM 1030/2 - Cooma Cranes, LTM 1045-3.1 - Boom Logistics, LTM 1055-3.1 Eagle Cranes & Rigging and LTM 1055-3.1 Davies Bros Cranes.