Global Safe Technologies Australia  has recently announced that it has acquired the exclusive distributorship rights for Australia and New Zealand for the WearMax™ technology clear anti-slip floor coating product range.  

Global Safety Surfaces Network members from all over Australia, New Zealand and Canada recently gathered for an application and certification training in Brisbane, which was held by the US based manufacturer.  

On the second day of the training after all application training had finished, the Aussie Fair Dinkum Wear Test© was conducted to analyse WearMax clear anti-slip floor coating’s durability. The test required two identical vinyl pieces, one untreated and one treated with the WearMax™ clear anti-slip coating system. A Polyvac polisher with P60 sandpaper was used to Wear the surface to the Max. Once this test was completed the machine and the sandpaper was transferred over the WearMax treated vinyl surface.   

WearMax technology is a waterborne, clear, anti-slip coating system that protects the floor finish. All WearMax Ceramic finishes are designed to contain 120,000,000 + ceramic particles per square metre. The WearMax technology allows these particles to protrude through the final surface.  

WearMax clear anti-slip coating system provides superior wear resistance, superior scratch resistance, and a high level of slip resistance, as well as low maintenance, and chemical and stain resistance. The WearMax Professional range offers a sustainable Pendulum Class X / R10 rated surface for an extended period.  

WearMax technology is available in three different gloss levels; Semi Gloss, Satin and Matt. WearMax clear anti-slip coating system is suitable for indoor use on most substrates, and can also be applied over several types of existing coatings.    

The WearMax clear anti-slip coating system is suitable for a variety of applications, including shopping centres, malls food courts and other common areas, supermarkets, department stores, airports, train stations, public buildings, offices, hospitals, senior care centres, and nursing homes.