Global Safe  NSW has recently completed a floor safety job at the art teaching room of a very large college in Gordon, Sydney, with its Safe Grip anti slip stair nosings.

The Safe Grip anti slip stair nosing helps large school to provide OH&S compliant non slip environment for students and staff.

The existing stair nosings in the school now have been rejuvenated using the Safe Grip anti slip stair nosings. School management was concerned about the slipperiness of the surfaces. They have contacted various suppliers and after considering their options, they decided to go ahead with the Safe Grip stair nosing and strips across the school.

Reasons for their decisions were;

  • Proven sustainability of the Safe Grip anti slip surface and expected to last in excess of 10 years.
  • Aesthetical appearance of the surface
  • FSMP, the industry unique risk management program offered to them
  • Best value for money including a Global Safe Technologies Australia’s 2.5 percent charitable donation to the value of the work.

After the job has completed, the maintenance manager stated that he was very satisfied with the result and he also added that the solution will ensure that the students and staff will now have a safe and good looking environment.

The Global Safe Technologies Floor Safety Network is proud having helped another large school with anti slip products and services.