GH Commercial recreated the Wedgetail eagle for a bespoke carpet installation at the Royal Australian Air Force Laverton (RAAF Laverton).

Dreamtime Flooring collaborated closely with the Royal Australian Air Force and TVN On-Country to bring the work of Sam Walker-Wilson to life.

Walker-Wilson’s ‘Protecting Country’ became the centrepiece of the installation at RAAF Laverton. The Wedgetail eagle, which was central to the design, depicts the RAAF’s general operations to Protect, Aid and Assist. The smaller animals represent various Indigenous totems and the spear and shield represent Torres Strait Islanders.

RAAF Laverton carpet

GH Commercial manufactured this incredible piece using our Designer Jet technology, right here in Geelong, Victoria. Designer Jet is a world-class custom carpet technology, best suited to creating an infinite array of colours and bespoke designs. It works by taking any striking pattern, drawing or image and uses precision engineering to inject the dye into the carpet, offering a flexible, creative and performance driven carpet design solution.

Project details

Project: RAAF Laverton

Carpet Design Artist: Sam Walker-Wilson, BYNM Indigenous Designs

Product: Dreamtime Floorings, Custom Design

Installer: RJ Precision Flooring Installation