The NZ Government invested $46 million in redeveloping Mt Aspiring College to address the growing population in Wanaka. One crucial aspect of the redevelopment was the flooring installation in early 2022, executed by GH Commercial. This cutting-edge technology allowed them to create custom-designed tiles and planks with a wide range of colour variations, carefully selected to match different zones within the educational environment.

The use of colour psychology in the flooring design was thoughtfully considered. Colours have a significant impact on human emotions and behaviour. In an educational setting they can influence students' moods, focus, and productivity. GH Commercial's approach involved incorporating specific colours to evoke feelings of creativity and collaboration in certain areas, while opting for different hues to promote calmness and focused individual learning in other spaces.

Designer Jet technology

As an example, the library area at Mt Aspiring College featured a calming shade of yellow through the Designer Jet® technology. This colour choice, reflected in shelf accessories, induced focus and a sense of calm, creating an optimal learning environment for students.

Effective bespoke design solutions

By strategically utilising the Designer Jet technology to bring various colour variations that align with colour psychology, the flooring design at Mt Aspiring College was optimised to enhance the overall learning experience. Students were greeted with visually stimulating environments that supported their educational journey by creating the right atmosphere for each learning zone. Whether it was encouraging group discussions and teamwork or fostering concentration during individual study, the thoughtfully designed flooring contributed to a conducive and inspiring learning environment.

Project details

Project: Mt Aspiring College

Location: Wānaka, New Zealand

Architect: Athfield Architects, Christchurch – Cathy Lee

Product: Custom Designer Jet® Planks & Tiles

Photographer: Tom Garner