The Australian design and construction industry is under increased scrutiny. After the 2017 Grenfell Tower fire in the United Kingdom and a similar fire at the Lacrosse building in Melbourne in 2014, regulators have been focused on tightening fire safety regulation and cracking down on non-compliance. Reports conducted after these disasters found a range of compliance issues across the industry, including the use of non-compliant cladding and issues relating to fire safety. Accordingly, a recent wave of regulatory activity has focused on auditing and clamping down on non-compliance with the National Construction Code (NCC), particular the performance requirements pertaining to fire.

Yet, while regulation has become stricter, non-compliant and non-conforming products that do not meet the standards set in the NCC remain in use. This is often the result of a lack of awareness or understanding of the NCC or from a lack or training in how to apply it in practice. With disasters like Lacrosse and Grenfell costing tens of millions of dollars worth of damage, and millions more to remediate, designers and specifiers are seeking safe, high performing products that offer an efficient path to meeting the complex fire safety requirements of the NCC.

The extensive Fyreguard Fyrehatch range of fire rated access hatches for installation into fire rated ceilings, walls, shafts and floors is subject to rigorous testing and assessed according to Australian Standard AS1530.4. Fyreguard products are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the NCC and comprise a trusted system of Passive Fire Protection solutions that are compliant with the relevant building regulations and Australian standards. With Fyreguard, designers and specifiers are provided with the confidence and support they need to achieve compliance with Australia’s stringent fire safety requirements.

Fyreguard hatches provide protection to surface penetrations and voids. This product is designed to provide a flush set or flanged fire rated access hatch for wall or ceiling applications where access is required for services or personel, or for maintenance of equipment. This product also features concealed hinges to minimise visual impact.

The Fyrehatch range is available in a number of fire ratings including:

  • 1 hr fire rating;
  • 90 min fire rating;
  • 2 hr fire rating; and
  • on special request, a 4hr fire rated wall hatch

Made in Australia and built for fire rated wall and ceiling applications, the Fyrehatch range is available in various sizes including non-standard sizes on request. Fyrehatch offers simple, straightforward installation and can be used in a variety of building elements including concrete floors, concrete and masonry walls, light weight walls, and SpeedPanel and Hebel walls.

In Australia, fire rated access hatches cannot be installed into floors or ceilings unless tested and approved according to specific requirements including Australian Standard AS1530.4. All Fyreguard hatches have test evidence for their intended application and fire rating level, including Resistance to the Incipient Spread of Flame. Fyreguard also provides detailed technical and design assistance to help industry professionals meet their compliance obligations.

Established in 1984, Fyreguard is a Queensland-owned company specialising in Passive Fire Protection. Fyreguard offers a range of Passive Fire Protection products and systems designed to comply with Australian fire safety regulations. The company also has a contracting division that assists customers with supply and installation requirements.  

Fyreguard works closely with Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS), State & Local Government, Architects, Engineers and Designers to ensure that all Fyreguard systems are compliant with NCC requirements from design through to installation. Fyreguard keeps up-to-date with industry trends and is ideally placed to address the latest issues affecting the industry.

With QBCC licenses and Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance, Fyreguard can also provide independent third party certification of Passive Fire Systems. Industry professionals can be confident that Fyreguard systems will perform as intended.

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