Futurewood facade cladding was specified by New South Wales government architects for the exterior of the Mowbray Public School project. Futurewood fencing was also installed to the front of the main building to complement the cladding used in the portico entrance.

Futurewood’s facade cladding combines durability, low maintenance and cost-efficiency, offering a smarter alternative to traditional timber exteriors while helping decrease the school’s maintenance expenses and increase its sustainability.

The schoolyard being a high traffic area, the materials specified for the construction of the new school building needed to be able to handle wear and tear, minimising the ongoing upkeep of the school. The robustness of the materials was also a major factor in the long-term performance of the building.

Futurewood’s facade cladding was selected for its favourable cost and relatively low upkeep as well as its contribution to the overall aesthetics of the school, which has been provided with a modern, artistic and eclectic facade thanks to the range of facade materials used across the project.

The timber-like finish of the facade cladding provided a practical alternative to the more expensive and less sustainable real timber cladding. Even from an educational perspective, the selection of the environment-friendly Futurewood as a key component of the build will help nurture and educate students about adopting a positive attitude towards sustainability.

Futurewood facade cladding is an ideal option for large commercial projects such as the Mowbray Public School, with the material’s cost-effective pricing and time-saving construction providing a significant cost-benefit advantage.