Futurewood rose up to the challenge of a townhouse project based in a coastal environment. The stunning Rajah Road townhouses in Ocean Shores addressed environmental objectives, the developer’s brief and community expectations through careful design, well researched decision-making and intelligent material selection that took into consideration the harsh coastal setting, aesthetics, performance and eco-friendly credentials of the products, as well as long-term maintenance cost.

The Ocean Shores townhouse project ticks all the boxes, resulting in a standout development that’s creating a buzz in the local community.

It’s critical to understand the local environment when specifying the materials palette for any building project. Given the harsh coastal environment, the external cladding, decking and screening products for the townhouses needed to be carefully selected to ensure they would not only look good but also perform over time and provide value for money.

Hardwood timber was not considered because of its high maintenance requirement – the material would not only require a great deal of upkeep in the harsh environment but would also be highly susceptible to rot if left untreated after exposure to the additional sub-tropical moisture. Any other material that required finishing as well as regular maintenance would have a cost implication that would be a burden for the body corporate and also put off potential buyers, thereby, reducing the value of the project.

Several solid composite timber building products from Futurewood were chosen for the project. Made from 90% recycled or reclaimed material, Futurewood decking and cladding boards had the required green credentials to fit in with the local environment while also providing the assurance of a long lifespan.

Since Futurewood boards are made from recycled plastic mixed with wood fibres and rice husks with the colour mixed right through each of the boards, the material will not rot. With no need for ongoing painting or staining, the builder and the body corporate can save time and money while avoiding risk.

The townhouses and surrounds feature EnviroSlat 156mm weatherproof wall cladding in Slate Grey along with 70mm x 15mm solid screening slats in Saltbush to match the CleverDeck 138mm x 23mm x 5400mm long solid composite timber decking boards.