EnviroSlat weatherproof cladding and screening from Futurewood were specified for Stage 2 of Ergo Apartments to minimise ongoing maintenance requirement.

Though preferred as a building material for its beautiful looks and reliability, timber is a high maintenance product requiring ongoing care through expensive oiling or staining, burdening new owners with a long-term upkeep problem along with associated costs.

Following the completion of Stage 1 of the construction at Ergo Apartments, the builders and property owners decided to explore a more cost-effective alternative to timber for Stage 2 of the development. All the stakeholders realised they needed a material that fared well against harsh weather, was easy and affordable to maintain, and could match the aesthetics of timber.

Futurewood’s EnviroSlat 156mm weatherproof cladding and 70mm EnviroSlat screening boards were selected as the materials of choice for Stage 2 of the construction process. A low maintenance alternative to timber, EnviroSlat weatherproof cladding and screening were able to eliminate the problem of timber maintenance and any concerns of the long-term effects of harsh weather on the materials.

In addition to EnviroSlat 156mm weatherproof cladding, Stage 2 of Ergo Apartments included made-to-order, 184mm wide EnviroSlat boards that complemented the cladding, providing a stunning finish along the balcony edges of the apartments. EnviroSlat 70mm screening was also used extensively around the property in conjunction with half height masonry walls to provide a secure feature fence.

The first stage of the Ergo Apartments project was completed in October 2013, while the second stage featuring the 156mm weatherproof EnviroSlat cladding, the 184mm capping boards and the 70mm screening boards was completed in May 2015.

The use of a reliable timber alternative such as the 156mm EnviroSlat weatherproof cladding from Futurewood once again proves how wood plastic composite alternatives can save property owners tens of thousands of dollars over the life of their property.