CleverDeck from Futurewood is a composite decking range that offers high aesthetic, environmental and performance benefits, and has low maintenance requirements.

Composite wood is both environmentally sustainable and virtually maintenance-free thanks to the use of recycled industrial waste, post-consumer plastic waste, sawdust and discarded rice husks. The wood composite however, delivers a high aesthetic value along with substantial functional advantages.

CleverDeck composite decking is a low maintenance material featuring a solid colour that never needs painting. Supplied fully finished and ready to install, the deck can be put up in just a day. Composite wood is resistant to termites and white ants, and will never rot, ensuring long-term durability. There won’t be any sap runs or tannin leaching, eliminating ugly staining of the surrounding areas. The low water absorption additionally removes the possibility of distortion or warping.

A major advantage of CleverDeck composite decking is the complete absence of the development of splinters, making the deck ideal for walking on bare feet.

Composite wood products are engineered to precise design specifications and tested to meet national or international standards. The decking uses low energy in production and produces almost zero emissions.

A major environmental benefit in the manufacture of the deck is the use of waste materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. Composite wood also helps to protect old growth forests and rainforest timbers by using recycled materials.

While the initial cost of composite wood is probably more than timber, one can achieve significant savings on the cost of ownership in the long run.