Weatherproof cladding from Futurewood was specified for a high end architecturally designed home in Sydney to meet a specific requirement for low maintenance products.

A low maintenance, easy to install and cost-effective cladding product, Futurewood’s weatherproof cladding was recommended for the project located north of the Parramatta River, Sydney. The homeowner was particular about creating a low maintenance property and Futurewood’s weatherproof cladding was found suitable for the project.

Greg Neilson - Project Architect at Archinspect Architecture credits the economical, durable and low maintenance features of Futurewood’s weatherproof cladding for his decision. Available at just a third of the cost of the original cladding planned for the project, Futurewood’s cladding would not require any maintenance, helping Neilson meet the client’s brief.

The home was built over a period of 440 calendar days but Futurewood’s weatherproof cladding was installed in approximately 4 weeks. Though red cedar was originally specified for the application, Futurewood’s weatherproof cladding was subsequently selected due to its resistance to cupping, warping, twisting, cracking and splitting, delivering a smart, cost-effective and low maintenance alternative to timber.

Used vertically in this project, the weatherproof cladding has impressed Neilson to the extent that he is considering a horizontal application on another residential project. He has previously used Futurewood’s CleverDeck decking on numerous other architectural projects.

In addition to Futurewood’s weatherproof cladding, acrylic render, sandwich panel roof (Ritek), double glazing and reverse masonry veneer were also used in the project. Neilson also sourced special aluminium T-sections to finish off the boards while a Futurewood composite 65mm square hollow post was used on the corners of the property, complementing the weatherproof cladding and providing a sophisticated finish.

Ultimately, Futurewood’s weatherproof cladding is a low maintenance product that fulfils the client’s brief and provides them with a long-term, cost-effective solution.