Furphy Foundry presents the spiral bike rack, one of the more popular designs in their range of bike rack products.

Featuring a spiral design and stainless steel finish, Furphy’s spiral bike racks combine form and function to provide a contemporary look suitable for most locations.

Cycling has become a popular means of transportation for many Australians as it’s more convenient to ride to a nearby food store, park or local shopping district. However, bike parking is not always available everywhere, which can be a major drawback for people wanting to use this healthier and environment-friendly mode of transport.

One way to address this problem is by installing bike racks, which provide designated parking spaces for bicycle users with the means to lock or chain the bike, protecting it against vandalism or theft.

Furphy’s spiral bike racks are available in the standard four-bay design but can be customised or extended to meet specific requirements.

Key features include 50.8mm O/D 304 grade polished stainless steel tube providing a high degree of corrosion resistance; also available in higher 316 grade stainless steel for harsher marine environments; each ring sized at 800mm (dia.) x 800mm and spaced at 650mm to fully support all standard bicycle sizes; and choice of two fitting styles - bolt down or in-ground attachment.