Fortune Phoenix  is in the field of designing, manufacturing and supplying high quality furniture for more than 40 years. Furniture made by of Fortune Phoenix is supplied to hotels, resorts, buildings, ireal estates, serviced apartments and the interior designers with an intense to create beautiful environments. Fortune Phoenix caters to both residential and commercial customers. The products of Fortune Phoenix include of urban design, designer, panels, craftmanship, popular classic and classic.

Fortune Phoenix manufactures quality furniture based on strict control over quality to meet their high standards. For smooth panel surface, the precision wide belt sander is used with a pneumatic pad and to create seemless inlay joins, the stitcher machine is used, for durable inlay and laminating, time controlled and temperature hot pressing machine is equipped.

In order to get the international standard moisture content timber supply continuously, an automatic kiln drying facility is provided by Fortune Phoenix. The timbers used in Fortune Phoenix come from swirl burl, teak, mahogony, oaks, elegant crotch, ashes and other plantation timbers both from local and imported markets.

The collected timbers are stored in a humidity and temperature controlled environment by the Fortune Phoenix and the length of the timber is checked before using for production to maintain the standard.