Primavera  is an Australian company delivering project portfolio management solutions according to individual requirements and processes. Started in 1990, Primavera Australia also provides software solutions which are implemented through a network of consultants.

Primavera mainly forecasts, plans, manages and executes the project portfolios for capital planning, product development and resource planning. Primavera products help companies improve their decision making, complete projects faster, attain consistency in attaining projects and gain insight into risky projects.

Project management along with technical know how is provided by Primavera. Some of the services provided by Primavera include project management, implementation services, PMO establishment and support, global roll outs and integration with third party systems.

Primavera serves various industries including defence, aerospace, automotive, chemical processing, energy, engineering, construction, financial services, pharmaceutical, software development, telecommunications.

Integration of Primavera with other tools is one of the services provided for ERP systems, financial services and so on. Various integration tools are used including Java based APIs. Further, technical support is also provided by Primavera during normal working hours as well as continuous online support through a knowledge base.

Providing Accredited training courses is another service from Primavera. Courses are provided for Primavera engineering and construction, maintenance and turnaround, expedition, project planner, fNINE project management and information technology.