Australian based Foamed Insulation deals with use of polyurethane foams for the insulation of pipes and vessels for petro chemical and refrigeration industries. Spray-on foam, pour-in foam and rigid foam is specifically dealt by Foamed Insulation.

The services offered by Foamed Insulation include thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, flotation, corrosion prevention. Thermal insulation from Foamed Insulation can be done below floors, in tanks, pipes, vessels and sheds - to name a few. As foam made of polyurethane is flexible, various techniques including spray-in and poured-in can be used. Cavities and voids are easily filled due to this property of polyurethane.

Foamed Insulation uses polyurethane to keep out noise and disturbance in residential, industrial and commercial units. Another property of polyurethane is flotation, due to which it is used in the production of marine equipment including boats and docks.

Foamed Insulation sprays polyurethane on surfaces that require checking for corrosion and abrasion. Polyurethane forms a layer or lining, which protects the surface thoroughly. Other services from Foamed Insulation include underground tank abandonment, set design and construction.