Offering a reliable and seamless alternative for pipe insulation applications, polyurethane foam from Foamed Insulation can be supplied in pre insulated pipes, or injected onto pre-existing pipes.

It is suitable for both hot and cold insulation, offering protection for pipes carrying low temperature liquids and gases down to -200 degrees Celsius, and pipes carrying high temperature materials up to 130 degrees Celsius.

The polyurethane foam forms a tight seamless seal against air, liquids and moisture, and will hold its form over time without deteriorating.

Pre-insulted pipes from Foamed Insulation are constructed with a variety of carrier pipes and external cladding materials.

Carrier pipes can be manufactured from copper, steel, stainless steel or plastic, while claddings can be supplied in HDPE, PVC, stainless or spiral gal.

When the pipe insulation is to be applied to pre-existing pipes, Foamed Insulation installs an outer casing which is then filled with poured polyurethane to fill the annular space in between.