Global resin flooring specialist Flowcrete came to the aid of one of the largest hospitals in Sweden that sought the right coating for their important on-site helipad.

Sweden’s oldest university hospital, the 1,100-bed Uppsala University Hospital was seriously concerned about a leak that was sending water from the helipad on the roof to the building’s top floor. The hospital required a robust flooring solution that would stop the leak and also provide a safe surface for the helicopter to land and take off.

Having already tried a series of paint applications to the helipad surface with no success, the hospital was finally able to overcome the problem with Flowcrete supplying approximately 3,500m² of its methyl methacrylate (MMA) floor coating Flowfast. Tailored to meet the specific demands of the helipad, Flowfast ensured an impermeable finish in the face of challenging conditions.

Jukka Kaikkonen, Managing Director for Flowcrete Sweden explained that the Uppsala University Hospital was facing a complex problem with its helipad, as the coating on the structure needed to meet a long list of criteria. A permanent fix was required to stop the water leaking into the hospital and creating a potential hygiene problem. Flowfast was the ideal solution for this situation, as its robust and highly durable finish is able to reliably withstand the worst of Sweden’s cold, wet weather to ensure a long-lasting surface.

This specialist system includes a membrane to reduce movement and stop the coating from cracking, a primer to bond the membrane to the coating and a finish that won’t deteriorate in the face of adverse weather conditions and frequent heavy impacts from the helicopter.

Since Flowfast can be applied in a variety of colours that won’t dull or deteriorate over time, it was also used to incorporate bright lines and signage into the helipad to assist in the helicopter’s navigation.

Flowfast is an extremely fast-curing floor, in most cases taking only a few hours to fully cure, which allows for follow-on work or the commencement of operational activity much sooner than is usually possible.