Flooring specialist, Flowcrete is using the Archidex 2011 Exhibition and Conference to showcase several of its sustainable flooring systems to architects, interior designers, contractors and consultants.  

Taking place at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 30th June to 3rd July, the flagship industry event features products and services from over 600 companies that are involved in the building and design sector.  

Desmond Sin, Flowcrete Asia Director of Sales explained, “Archidex represents an ideal platform for us to demonstrate our sustainable flooring systems to a large audience. There is increasing emphasis on environmental compliance in the commercial, retail and car-parking sectors and our seamless systems are well-placed to play a key role in helping developers and owners minimise their carbon footprint.”

Taking centre stage is Deckshield, a watertight deck coating system that is ideal for use in car-parks. This sustainable floor coating carries the Singapore Green Label in the Environment-Friendly/Low VOC Paint category.  

Deckshield offers a seamless finish while the light-reflective properties deliver an upmarket, contemporary look, enhancing car-park ambience and visitor experience, while reducing energy consumption.  

With the rapid-cure Flowfast, consultants and contractors have a fast and effective solution to floor refurbishment. Ready to receive traffic just two hours after application, Flowfast offers key advantages where large expanses of commercial flooring need to be installed quickly, enabling environments to be transformed virtually overnight. The hard-wearing yet decorative flooring system can be applied without having to remove the existing flooring, helping to reduce waste and minimise noise levels during the project.  

Mondéco is a seamless epoxy resin terrazzo that affords designers and architects creative flexibility, enabling designs to be swirled across the floor in almost any colour. The eco-friendly flooring system incorporates recycled crystal mirror glass and mother of pearl in the aggregate mix, creating an eye-catching decorative effect. The synthetic material offers extreme wear, scratch and abrasion resistance to withstand heavy volumes of foot traffic while retaining high quality good looks for the long term.  

Rustik and Naturewalk flooring systems enable designers to create decorative stone carpet finishes for indoor and outdoor areas, bringing a touch of nature indoors to retail centres and corporate offices as well as brightening up outdoor leisure facilities.  

More information on the range of sustainable flooring systems is available from Flowcrete.