Two of Flowcrete’s performance flooring systems have been selected by international DIY Chain B&Q for its first store in Hong Kong providing a good-looking, hard-wearing finish. Flowcrete pulled out all the stops to complete the installation within a record six weeks.

In order to meet the tight six-week schedule ahead of the B&Q Grand Opening, Flowcrete proposed its fast-curing heavy duty K-Screed topped with its self-levelling epoxy resin Flowshield Quartz.

With faster curing and drying times, K-Screed offers key advantages over sand/cement.

The screed formulation also eliminates the cracking, debonding and curling that often occur with conventional substrates.

According to Flowcrete, the high compressive strength of K-Screed delivers good impact resistance, making the system ideal for heavy duty environments.

At the B&Q store, the K-Screed was installed over two floors using a mechanical screed rail, which accommodates subtle changes in line and level and ensures a surface flatness to SR1.

Installation rates achievable with mechanical screeding are 4 to 5 times higher than with manual installation, at up to 60m2 per hour.

These attractive rates can translate into major time savings on large-scale projects such as hospitals, airports and municipal buildings.

The K-Screed was topped with Flowshield Quartz, a smooth, glossy, self-levelling resin floor with a decorative speckled finish.

The system is hard-wearing and non-dusting and offers high chemical resistance and is well-suited to all types of commercial and municipal buildings.

The opening of the inaugural store took place as scheduled.