Flowcrete Australia Pty Ltd announces a new blog that will share the brand’s world-renowned insights, knowledge, news and expertise in floor manufacturing.

The blog site has been designed to become the construction industry’s go-to educational hub for resin flooring, with regular posts keeping the reader informed about the latest updates direct from the flooring manufacturer, a global leader in the field of industrial and commercial flooring. 

Rebekah Jones, Flowcrete Group Marketing Manager comments that the new flooring blog is a great addition to the company's existing web presence. She explains that the blog provides the company an interactive space to engage with online customers about their latest products and services while also offering a platform for Flowcrete to extend its brand leadership and expertise.

Visitors to the blog will be able to keep themselves updated about Flowcrete’s work across the world from projects in Australia to events in Singapore. 

Medical facilities can learn about how their flooring choices can affect hygiene with Dr Flowcrete, a character designed to inform the medical world about ways to keep floors clean. This part of the blog will supply hospitals with healthcare-specific facts and help them recognise flooring problems at medical facilities.

Videos that illustrate important aspects of the work at Flowcrete, such as its commitment to being environment-friendly and how flooring choices can help to avoid situations including slips and trips in the workplace, are also part of the blog. 

Flowcrete Group has already attracted praise from Smart Insights, which called the flooring manufacturer ‘one to watch’ and nominated the blog as a brilliant example of B2B marketing for its interesting use of infographics.

The blog has been created as part of an integrated, multi-platform campaign to engage with the construction industry’s online community. An interactive web presence has been developed across the blog, as well as Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest, to develop conversations and engagement.

Visitors to the blog can also sign up for Flowcrete Group’s email newsletter to make sure they stay up-to-date with flooring developments for commercial and residential projects.