Here, Sean Tinsley, Managing Director for Flowcrete Australia reflects on the recent Australian Parking Convention in Sydney...

As I walked around the Parking Association of Australia’s 13th annual Australian Parking Convention event I was once again amazed by the breadth of individuals and organisations involved in the parking services industry.

Ranging from car park management and maintenance companies through to representatives from education, airport and government authorities as well as product manufacturers like ourselves, it came as no surprise to learn that all exhibitor spaces had sold out in record time – a good sign of a strong trade show.

Held at the Sydney Convention Centre, the three-day event kicked off with a welcome reception by keynote speaker Joy Addison, Secretary for the Parking Association of Australia, which was staged just in front of the Flowcrete Australia booth.

Celebrating another year of strong growth it remained clear throughout the opening address that Australia’s love affair with the car has not faltered in the last twelve months.

As expected, the show was very well attended, with individuals and company representatives in search of the latest technology and innovations in car park maintenance and construction.

With this in mind, APC 2012, seemed the ideal location to launch our new external deck traffic coating system. The new and improved formulation incorporates a new waterproofing membrane, which has been designed to an offer an enhanced level of protection to external or exposed decks of multi-storey car parking structures.

Protecting against water ingress into the concrete structure as well as prolonged or significant UV exposure over time, the new formulation represents our most effective outdoor polyurethane resin coating solution for car parking decks.

There was a lot of buzz at our booth about the new solution and the improvements it offered over our previous coating material. Our booth itself had been decked out to show just how the product would look and feel in-situ, providing a tactile surface for attendees to walk over and experience first-hand.

Whilst at the show, we had the opportunity to listen to key note speakers address pertinent topics related to industry trends. Once again, Green standards were at the forefront of discussions as was security and safety in the parking environment alongside facilities management and maintenance innovations.

With the demand for parking growing faster than capacity throughout the country, APC remains proof that we as an industry are dedicated to providing effective, low-cost and sustainable solutions that will tackle this problem head on and enable the parking services industry to continue to grow."