Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), built more than 15 years ago, is currently the third busiest international airport in the world, with millions of people passing through every year.  Flowcrete ’s Isocrete K-Screed was an integral part of the original construction and is still going strong after all of the foot and wheeled traffic that the airport has seen.

The Airport Authority says that opting for the high strength screed flooring has paid off as it has easily stood the test of time with the original floor coverings still looking good today. In total 250,000 square meters of Flowcrete's Isocrete K-Screed, a proprietary semi-dry high strength screed, was applied.  The screed flooring system has successfully weathered an enormous amount of 24/7 traffic every day in the main passenger terminal building, dining, shopping and entertainment areas, as well as associated maintenance areas and plant rooms.

According to Alan Blay, Managing Director of Flowcrete Hong Kong the application of K-Screed at HKIA perfectly illustrates its long-term durability and integral strength.  He says that “Because K-Screed forms such a strong and durable sub-surface, final floor finishes last much, much longer. This significantly minimises the need for costly refurbishments down the line. The added disruption caused by downtime of the area is also eliminated.”

The Isocrete K-Screed, bonded with Polymer 70, was installed throughout HKIA at a thickness of 100mm.  It was a huge project with large quantities of K-Screed being simultaneously installed at several locations. At the time of installation finishing and leveling was carried out by hand. An even better finish can now be obtained using purpose-designed machinery.

K-Screed can be combined with a wide variety of final floor finishes such as carpet, vinyl, marble, ceramics and resin.  Flowcrete offers a range of isocrete screeds that are heavy duty, high performance and self smoothing.  They are suitable for use in a variety of commercial and public areas such as shops, schools, hospitals and airports.