Flowcrete China supplied its deck coatings for a car park project at the Riverside 66 shopping centre in the heart of Tianjin’s Haihe Central Business District.

Developed by Hang Lung Properties, the state-of-the-art, LEED certified Riverside 66 offers more than 150,000 square metres of commercial space and has been designed to deliver a top-quality visitor experience. The new mall is home to over 400 renowned international brands, and includes dining areas and entertainment zones.

Aware that the visitor’s first impression is usually formed not in the shops, but in the car park when they initially arrive, Hang Lung Properties wanted this space to be visually appealing, clean and calm. Flowcrete China met their client’s specific brief by supplying and installing 60,000m² of Deckshield ID deck coating system to create the desired car park environment. The Deckshield range of environmentally sustainable car park coatings has been formulated to enhance a site’s interior aesthetics, sharpen light reflectivity and prevent water ingress that may affect the car park structure.

The clear colours and wide open spaces of seamless flooring in the car park reflect the sprawling feel of the mall. Hang Lung Properties utilised the Deckshield colour range to incorporate signage into the finish, creating floors in a cool grey with crisp white line markings and coloured bay numbers that match the facility’s colour-coded zones.

The bright, clearly visible signage performs an aesthetic as well as a functional purpose as it also assists traffic and pedestrian movement within the car park.

Key benefits of Deckshield car park coatings also include highly accredited fire rating; slip resistant surface reducing tyre squeal to make the car park safer and quieter; and tough polyurethane formulation withstanding the constant movement of vehicles, spillages of automotive fuel and oils, thermal shock as well as wear from cleaning and general use.

All these benefits mean that the Deckshield deck coating system will ensure the car park maintains an impressive and effective floor finish for an extended period of time. The entire car park floor coating project was completed in only three months.

With years of experience in the car park decking business, Flowcrete China and its licensed contractor were confident of completing the job to a high standard and in a timely manner. The applicators worked in shifts, day and night for the three-month duration of the project to successfully complete the B2 and B3 levels of the car park.

The client was delighted with the successful outcome of the project delivered by Flowcrete and its licensed contractor in a timely and professional manner.