Pyrotenax electric storage floor heating system is available from Floor Heating Systems.

Pyrotenax electric storage floor heating is suitable if you are planning to build on a concrete slab.

The heart of this unique system is electric heating cables embedded in the concrete slab during construction. The slab becomes, in effect, the heating system.

The cables may also be laid on top of existing floors and covered with a 25 - 40mm cement screed.

Pyrotenax heating cable consists of a metal conductor surrounded by a mineral insulation. This is covered with a copper sheath, and finally with a red polyethylene protective sleeving. It has remarkable strength and is completely safe.

Installation is very simple and economical. The heating cables are clipped to the reinforcing mesh in a looped formation. Concrete is then poured over the mesh and cable to form the foundation and floor. No additional reinforcement or increase in slab thickness is necessary.

A heating installation expert supervises the laying of the cable and carries Floor Heating Systems tests during the concrete pour to ensure the heating cable will function properly.

The system is economical to operate. It uses low cost off-peak electricity, where available. Heating in each room or zone, is controlled by a separate thermostat, so energy need never be wasted.

The system stores enough heat during the off-peak charge period to maintain a comfortable temperature for the full 24 Hours.

Electric storage floor heating gives all over comfort whatever the floor surface. Normally cold floor coverings such as slate, ceramic tiles and vinyl floors become comfortably warm.

Heat that comes from the floor and rises naturally is efficient than heat that is forced down from overhead. It is also more comfortable because the heat is produced where it is needed the under foot.

Because Pyrotenax heating cables are safely encased in the concrete floor there are no hot or burning surfaces, and nothing potentially dangerous to tempt little fingers. You can leave children unattended in a warm room with complete peace of mind.

Pyrotenax floor heating has also been extensively used in Retirement Villages because of its safety and comfort.

There is no dirt, smoke, dust or irritating fumes. There are no noisy fans, no heating fittings, radiators, consoles or vents. The system is totally invisible so you get complete freedom for furniture arrangement and decorating.

Pyrotenax point out that with electric storage floor heating the whole area of the house/building can be heated or only part. You decide on your heating zone requirements at the initial planning stage, individual thermostat control does the rest.

Each system is individually designed to suite the owner’s comfort and lifestyle.

Pyrotenax stress that the importance of effective insulation with any system including electric storage floor heating. From 30 to 40% of the heat you are paying for can be lost through a ceiling that is not insulated.

No modifications are needed to the slab. Unlike other types of in-floor systems there are no additional building costs; no need for a plant room, ductwork or flues.

The Pyrotenax system has no parts to clean and no regular service is required. Apart from the thermostats, the electrical storage floor heating is an integral part of the concrete floor.

When you consider the six important factors in a heating system; installation, running costs, safety, silence, insulation and maintenance the benefits of the Pyrotenax system, becomes obvious.

Pyrotenax is a mineral insulated copper sheathed heating cable available in Australia. It has been proved in use for over forty-five years and 20,000 installations.

Pyrotenax systems that were sealed in the concrete slab in homes four decades ago, are still providing economical and reliable heating.

Pyrotenax may also be installed on top of existing floors then covered with a cement screed.