Underfloor heating offers an energy efficient and cost effective method of warming any home or office floor. The Raychem Underfloor Heating System offered by Floor Heating Systems can be easily installed under a variety of floor coverings, including marble, tiles, wood, laminate or carpet.

Raychem Underfloor Heating Systems utilise self-regulating technology, a system that uses self regulating heating cables, which are able to adjust their power output automatically to compensate for changes in temperature. Inside these self regulating cables, a conductive core contracts or expands to increase or decrease the number of electrical paths available, subsequently controlling the amount of heat that is produced.  

Self regulating heating systems offer a various advantages:  

  • Cables have a safe construction that does not require maintenance    
  • Cables do not overheat and can therefore be placed close together      
  • Cables can be cut to size depending on individual requirements     
  • Cables can be installed directly on the existing subfloor
Floor Heating Systems offer three different Raychem underfloor heating systems to choose from:


T2Red is a self regulating system that has the ability to sense other heat sources in a room, such as solar heaters, lighting and electrical appliances, and consequently adjust the amount of heat it emits. It produces more heat in colder areas, such as near windows or doors, and less heat in warmer areas, such as under furniture.  

T2Red can be cut to size and carries no risk of overheating, offering the flexibility to rearrange furniture as often as required. This system can be installed in all shapes and sizes of rooms, on all types of subfloors.  

T2Red with T2Reflecta  

T2Red with T2Reflecta is an energy saving underfloor heating system, combining T2Red self regulating heating cables with T2Reflecta, aluminium-covered plates that are thermally-insulated and feature installation grooves.  

The thermally-insulated T2Reflecta plates evenly distribute heat and reduce the amount of heat lost, resulting in extra energy savings of 20% or more.  


T2QuickNet is a self-adhesive underfloor mat. At only 3mm thick, it is ideal for installation under ceramic tiles or stone.  

The T2QuickNet system is available in two versions. The T2QuickNet 90 is suitable for use on all subfloors, while the T2QuickNet 160 is recommended for applications where a greater output and a faster heat up time are required.  

All Raychem underfloor heating systems from Floor Heating Systems can be controlled by Raychem digital thermostats, which are simple to install and feature large LCD screens for ease of use.