The Furuno NavNet TZtouch multi-function display makes the FLIR M-Series thermal imaging cameras more versatile and powerful by providing full, integrated control.

FLIR’s M-Series thermal cameras represent one of the most popular pan/tilt thermal night vision systems in the commercial maritime industry. The Furuno NavNet TZtouch multifunction display (MFD) simplifies navigation by centralising all of the key controls onto one Ethernet-connected device. Thermal images, 2D and 3D charts, AIS, Radar, Fish Finder, and Sonar can all be displayed in various full or split screen configurations. 

The TZtouch’s interactive MFD allows the user to scroll, pan and zoom in and out using intuitive finger gestures. The TZtouch is available with a nine- or 14.1-inch display, as well as a ‘black box’ version designed to be connected to larger, external MFDs.

The TZtouch adds the automated tracking capability to the M-Series, a feature normally reserved for more expensive infrared camera systems. This capability allows the M-Series to use GPS positioning to track both stationary targets such as buoys, and moving targets such as AIS-enabled vessels.

The M-Series features a military-grade thermal imager up to 640 x 480, and full 360° panning and +/- 90° tilt capabilities. It’s also available with an additional lowlight video camera payload. Once the M-Series locks onto a target, it will automatically pan and tilt as necessary, regardless of the position of the boat. 

Setting up the M-Series and the TZtouch is easy and straightforward. The TZtouch also has Wi-Fi capability, allowing it to be controlled remotely using an iPhone or iPad anywhere on the vessel with Wi-Fi connectivity. 

The TZtouch’s powerful software enhances the M-Series camera’s accuracy, responsiveness, and tracking capabilities. Given the M-Series’ wide appeal, the NavNet TZtouch is the ideal solution for operators looking to transition to the kind of intuitive control only a multifunction display can provide.