Integrating modular concepts into your project will help you shorten turnaround time, meet challenging deadlines, get assured quality and reduce your environmental footprint.

Here’s how you can benefit from working with Fleetwood Portables:


About 90 per cent of our construction is completed inside our factories, which means a significant part of your work can occur simultaneously offsite along with site and foundation work, allowing your project to be completed up to 50 per cent quicker than traditional construction. 


Our facilities are accredited to ISO9001, with quality control built into every step of the modular construction process. Our production facilities integrate best practice in design and workflow with the controlled indoor environment streamlining the quality process and reducing waste. Rest assured, you will be provided the same quality, durability, adherence to building standards and longevity as conventional construction. This focus on quality and efficiency in production also makes costs more predictable providing the advantage of budget certainty and minimising cost surprises.


Our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint sees us utilise the best quality sustainable building materials while our state-of-the-art factories and build methodology allow us to greatly reduce waste by recycling materials and effectively managing inventory levels. Thanks to our relationships with key suppliers, our materials arrive ready for installation, minimising waste and maximising time efficiencies. With fewer site disturbances, tighter construction management and minimal waste generation, offsite modular construction is a greener solution.