Boffi Laundry

The architecture of fabric care

  • At Fisher & Paykel, we’ve evolved the idea of the laundry beyond individual appliances to the concept of the laundry as a connected fabric care ecosystem that can be interwoven with the architecture of the home. Our laundry and wardrobe spaces, designed with Boffi, capture this spirit.
  • The laundry is an increasingly important element in the home. Where it’s placed and how it’s used is evolving. Arguably once the most ad hoc space in the home – sometimes located in the basement or garage; sometimes in a bathroom, the kitchen, or hallway cupboard – today it is increasingly the subject of architectural intention. 
  • Today, we also recognise the modern wardrobe as an investment that deserves specialised care; a composition of varied garments, from structured evening wear to prêt-à-porter, constructed from different fibres or fibre blends, each with unique requirements for the best of care.
  • At Fisher & Paykel, insights into the changing nature of the laundry – it’s role in our homes, lives and effect on the environment – have led us to evolve the concept beyond the washer and dryer. As the laundry spaces at the Auckland Experience Centre show, the future of fabric care is holistic and connected – they are ecosystems designed to you specifically for precious garments, helping to retain their condition for longer.
  • These spaces also demonstrate how our commitment to design freedom has led not just to the functional evolution of the laundry, but to a broader aesthetic evolution of the laundry as a spatial object. That is how – and where – it can be located in the home to accentuate patterns of use, while complementing different approaches to architectural expression. 
  • The laundry and wardrobe spaces we’ve designed with Boffi capture this spirit. Viewing fabric care through a performance and architectural lens, we have created considered spaces with refined details that show how a fabric care solution can also be an architectural solution within the home. 
  • Today, a Fabric Care Cabinet can be located in an entrance lobby or mudroom, dedicated to refreshing, drying, sanitising and deodorising outerwear and shoes. In the bedroom suite, dressing room or wardrobe it becomes a place to quickly refresh a favourite silk blouse for work or a social outing, or to care for garments that might otherwise need to be dry cleaned. In our dedicated laundry, Steam Care washers and dryers create an epicentre of household fabric care – appointed and detailed in ways that celebrate functional ergonomics and a more  luxurious material expression, so the activities we once considered chores, instead become beautiful experiences.

Wardrobe details

  • The wardrobe, ensuite and dressing room, with ample hanging space, dedicated shoe storage, and drawer systems to accommodate varied accessories, is a luxury design typology that is increasingly popular and prevalent. A luxury walk-in wardrobe, designed using Boffi’s ‘Antibes’ design system, illustrates the potential to distribute fabric care solutions throughout the home in considered and refined ways. 
  • Designed for Boffi by Italian architect Piero Lissoni, the Antibes system exerts a sense of ‘visual comfort’ through its formal qualities and minimalist aesthetic. Here, it elevates the promise of exceptional fabric care performance, convenience and versatility to new levels of aesthetic quality. 
  • The organisation of space and selection of appliances speaks to the day-to-day fabric care choices we make: what to wash, and indeed whether to wash or refresh, sanitise, deodorise or dry garments in ways that preserve their quality and condition for longer.
  • One end of the space is anchored by a grid of Fabric Care Cabinet and stacked SteamCare washer and dryer. The washer and dryer are controlled by a single interface, and sit upon a dispensing drawer plinth – all wrapped by a structural frame of elm. 
  • The wardrobe’s soft, calm ambience is a result of deliberate material choices. ‘Tundra’ grey stone is paired with warm hues of elm. Sophisticated bronze-aluminium extrusions frame transparent, smoky-grey glass doors. And the subtle grey tonal inflections have been selected for their aesthetic compatibility with the graphite finish of the appliances. Within this system, shelves and drawers with leather-lined trays ensure that within this wardrobe, everything has its place.

Laundry details

  • The laundry is an increasingly important element of the home’s environment. Where it’s placed and how it’s used is being considered in more thoughtful ways than it has in the past. 
  • The beauty of this space, designed with Boffi, is that you can see the laundry, often considered only in functional terms, reimagined as a luxurious and tactile piece of bespoke architecture.
  • The timeless, modular ‘Xila’ system that underpins the design was first designed in 1972, by Luigi Massoni. Like the adjacent wardrobe, it has been finished in elm – however, the introduction of a travertine surface and handmade tiles has resulted in a design that is calming and warm.  
  • At the centre of the space, the aesthetically matched white SteamCare washer and heat-pump dryer are centrally positioned beneath the deep counter of ‘Dorado’ travertine – the golden flecks giving away the origin of its name – and a backsplash faced with small, square ‘Cotti e argille’ tiles – a variation of terracotta expressed in a lighter colour, with all the variations and celebrated imperfections of a handmade product. 
  • The elm-finished storage is hardware free, with a carefully detailed negative space offering easy access to cupboards and drawers while emphasising the horizontality of the worksurface. 


Fabric Care

Love your laundry

  • The modern wardrobe is an investment that deserves specialised care. Love your laundry with luxury fabric care solutions that conveniently, intelligently and completely care for delicates, durables and everything in between. Combine Connected Home appliances to create a fabric care ecosystem enabled by SmartHQ™ that helps you care even better, care for longer and care in new ways.

Ultimate fabric care solutions

  • Enjoy ready–to–wear convenience with Fabric Care Cabinets and Steam Care washers and dryers designed to bring tailored care to all corners of the modern wardrobe. Extend the life and condition of delicate silks, activewear, organic cottons and linens. Care for structured garments more conveniently, including leather, woollen coats and outerwear, with intelligent fabric care solutions that bring greater efficiency to the laundry.

The science of fabric care

  • From the fine weaves of lustrous silks, to organic cotton staples, the functional blends of activewear, and more structured woollen garments, the range of fabrics that makes up the modern wardrobe is rich and diverse. At Fisher & Paykel, our approach to appliance design is underpinned by the Science of Fabric Care – insights, research and real–life testing into fibre qualities, fabric composition and garment construction, to deliver the best of care.