The Platinum Apartments located on the main street of Sydney’s south coast beach suburb of Wollongong features Stryüm cladding panels from Fairview, adding to the overall luxurious vibe.

Comprising of four premium apartments and a luxury penthouse built on a 678-square-metre site, the Platinum Apartments showcases the warm toned cladding installed by ABS Façade on the building’s sunshades.

Stryüm is an intelligent non-combustible aluminium cladding system from Fairview, specifically designed by experienced commercial façade professionals to meet the demands of commercial as well as residential building sectors. 

At the Platinum Apartments, Stryüm’s façade panels cascade over one another in a ‘Step’ profile with the anodised finish providing a sharp, dynamic edge to the multi-residential apartment block. Stryüm cladding offers a fully sustainable option that’s also 100% Australian made and owned.