The recent Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) fire performance case in Victoria has raised concerns among stakeholders and members of the public.

Fairview Pty Ltd is liaising with industry and governing bodies to assist with better understanding of the issue, and seeks to provide expert insights to address concerns over these aluminium cladding panels.

The core issue

As a specialist in ACM panels, Fairview believes the current fire performance issue should not focus on brand names or country of origin.

Virtually all branded ACM products in the market have comparable variations and specifications. According to Fairview, the key issue is the core composition of any panel, and whether that panel has been correctly specified, professionally installed and officially certified to perform to code as well as regulations.

Tested and certified

Fairview's ACM products have been tested to the relevant Australian fire test standards, and are certified under the current Australian and New Zealand CodeMark system.

Fairview’s owners have over 25 years of experience in the manufacture and distribution of professional-grade facade products used throughout Australia, North America and the UK. Their products are also compliant with applicable international building and fire standards.

Fairview offers a broad range of certified, quality cladding and accessories in Australia with all products manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards for optimal performance in specific building applications and environments.

Fairview stands by the quality of all its products just as they stand by their commitment to the safety of all their stakeholders.

Fit for a particular purpose

Fairview provides full specifications and installation guides for all its products. The company encourages all associates and customers including approvers and certifiers to ensure that any Fairview products used, are carefully selected and appropriately fitted to fully comply with the relevant building codes.