Natural timber products tend to fade over time, requiring periodical maintenance to retain their appearance. Even woodgrain prints on aluminium experience fading when exposed to the harsh Australian sunlight.

The Stryüm range of aluminium facade panels from Fairview uses an innovative technology that helps preserve the integrity of the woodgrain finish. Recently introduced for Australia, the dual-powder woodgrain on Stryüm panels is designed to retain its high definition, textured finish for years to come, minimising maintenance and costly rework. This finish is highly suited for use in Australia’s uniquely harsh environment.

Dual-powder woodgrain finish

The dual-powder finish involves a multi-stage process, wherein a base powdercoat layer is first applied, followed by a second powdercoat layer that forms the grain. These two layers are then cured together to form a single textured, powdercoat layer.

Textured finish

Stryüm’s woodgrain features a textured finish with the grain forming a raised tactile surface for a realistic experience.

Large-scale design

The woodgrain pattern typically repeats itself on all aluminium woodgrain finishes. However, in some products, this repetition is greater than others, making it highly visible on facades and diminishing the overall visual impact. The Stryüm woodgrain finish has the lowest repetition rate available, which combined with a varying grain, mimics the natural variation of timber. This makes it perfect for both large, unobstructed façade areas and tight, detailed sections.

Retaining colour in Australia’s harsh environment

Aluminium woodgrain finishes typically have a tendency for the grain to fade in the harsh Australian sunlight. Sublimation – an alternative application process – leaves only the noticeably different base colour after the grain has faded, resulting in an unattractive brown facade.

Stryüm’s woodgrain, in contrast, utilises a specific grain layer created by curing the base and grain layers together, resulting in a finish that remains consistent throughout its life. The woodgrain panels will remain a woodgrain, rather than turning brown.

25-year Warranty

The colour retention is backed by a 15-year colour warranty, and a 25-year finish integrity warranty (T&Cs apply). Unlike other products that cover just the base, this warranty covers both the base and the grain, highlighting the quality of the finish.

Minimising maintenance

Being an aluminium product, Stryüm’s woodgrain does not need the maintenance of a natural wood product, and only requires the maintenance of a powdercoat finish.


Deemed non-combustible in accordance with AS1530.1 and AS1530.3, Stryüm is also compliant in accordance with the BCA under clause C1.9(e)v.

Australian Made

Every part of the Stryüm woodgrain facade panels is made in Australia, from the raw aluminium to the finish. This not only guarantees supply and product quality but also supports local jobs.