The last few years have been difficult for the cladding industry, with the broadly accepted media narrative being that all aluminium composite (ACP) cladding is combustible - which is not the case. Not all ACPs are made with the non-compliant combustible polyethylene core, and those ACP products that are not made with polyethylene offer non-combustible, effective and cost-efficient facade cladding options. Fairview have long championed non-combustible aluminium composite panel cladding with their incredibly versatile Vitracore G2 bonded aluminium panel: versatile in appearance, easy to install and - above all - safe.


Within this eBook, you will find a collection of articles and case studies covering the full gamut from the technical side of bonded aluminium panel cladding to use cases and wider industry discussion. This includes a deep dive into the history, composition and manufacturing process for Vitracore G2 and how it may be used in recladding projects. We look at two case studies highlighting the benefits of Vitracore G2 in Melbourne’s iconic Australia 108 building and North Sydney’s Northpoint Tower. We also bust some myths and misconceptions around bonded aluminium, and offer a third-party risk engineering service update on the issues with ACP and safe, compliant product recommendations.


Fairview is a leading provider of aesthetically pleasing and safe facade products to the construction market through our focus on compliance, innovation, and education. With almost 30 years’ experience in the facade industry, Fairview is dedicated to consistently facilitating the successful delivery of innovative facades that meet the requirements and vision of each project.

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