EZ Concept opened a new office in London to support the rollout of their new products in 2017.

EZ Concept has invested considerable effort in improving and refining their global product portfolio, including intensive research and development as well as analysing customer feedback. Expanding the brand’s presence in the UK market was also one of the goals.

EZ Concept UK offers a range of contemporary flush finish door jambs with clean lines and inconspicuous detail for modern architecture designs.

Ben Stevens, Global Managing Director for EZ Concept says they are expanding the product range available in the UK, which now includes a single rebate frame, a flush inward opening frame and a complete pocket door system, all incorporating the EZ Concept clean line technology. The new office in London, which opened in January, will support their UK customers as well as the new product rollout.

The new SRC (Single Rebate) EzyJamb frame is made from a higher grade of steel and provides a cleaner look than the original EzyJamb EZC system. Designed to wrap around the wall, it is plastered up prior to installation, giving it a completely seamless look. The robust construction makes it highly suitable for installations such as hotels or commercial and retail buildings.