Exhibitek Displays  offers a wide range of exhibitor pop-up systems. The pop-up systems are available in varied sizes and are durable and expandable. The custom made display from Exhibitek Displays consist of plasma screen and comes with clean sweeping lines that showcases the graphics in one image.

Exhibitek Displays offers a wide range of panel systems. The panel systems can be tailor made to match individual requirements. It is available with a number of panel configurations the graphics can be completely inter changed when required. The 3D 10Panel Foldaway is available in varied sizes that enable the users to accommodate the video screen, computer and the products. It consists of header panels with graphics and can also be custom designed.

Exhibitek Displays also offers a wide range of light boxes to suit commercial and industrial applications. There are three types of light boxes that are offered by Exhibitek Displays; they are, rotating light boxes, animated light boxes and floor light boxes. The clients can choose the light box as per their trade show requirements. All light boxes are available in a wide range of sizes and is a widely used promotional tool.

Exhibitek Displays also offers a wide range of Floor light boxes, retrial displays, point of sale displays, graphic designs and other accessories.