MPG Group provide Australian customers with cost effective, attractive and high quality DIY and home renovation products including the world’s first frameless glass clamp systems. Customers can be guaranteed of quality as extensive testing has been undertaken on pool fencing and balustrade systems.

At no additional cost, the clamp systems come complete with:

  • Bolts
  • Screws
  • Core drill system
  • Coverplate

The glass clamp systems are available in core drill or base plate designs, and can be purchased in three different volumes so customers have the ability to on sell.  Installation is very simple and fast due to the unique patented design of the system.

The system is very versatile with customers having the option of manufacture from 316 mirror stainless steel or aluminium, and finished with mill, powder coat or Eurowood. Frameless glass clamp systems do not require holes in the glass for affixment, or sandbags, chocks or levelling devices during installation.