Eubiq (Australia)  is the Australian business of Eubiq, a Singapore-based provider of power outlet systems. Eubiq Australia deals with the patented GSS power outlet system. Eubiq has won many patents from across the world for its track-based, ultra flexible power outlet systems.

Eubiq (Australia)'s power outlet systems are available for commercial as well as residential purposes. All Eubiq (Australia) products come with the safety feature of Grounded Sentry Shutter (GSS), which makes them child friendly and safe. Eubiq (Australia)'s power track system is said to eliminate the problems associated with unavailability of sockets to power electric appliances.

The easy installation and flexibility features of Eubiq's products are believed to have caused its certification of ASTA BEAB from the UK. Eubiq (Australia) offers two models of power outlet systems namely the Compact Track and the Data track. The Eubiq Single Wall Socket product is available from Eubiq (Australia) in modular designs and a range of colours including white, silver and black.

Eubiq (Australia)'s plugs are designed for easy use and operation with a twist of the wrist. Plugs from Eubiq (Australia) come in fused and non fused models. Adapters from Eubiq (Australia) are designed to be country specific. Thus, there are different adapters for Japan, Germany, Australia and India.

Accessories such as cord sets, socket holders as well as light holders are also available from Eubiq (Australia).
Eubiq has also been awarded the 'Industrial Applications' award in the seventh Asia Pacific Infocomm Alliance (APIA) in its first year of entry.