The DX Series fireplaces by Escea feature an impressively wide flame display, clean framing lines, reflective side panels and an artistic presence.

Now double the drama with the DX1500, the new two-sided, see-through fireplace from Escea. The reflective side panels are paired with the see-through feature, elongating the flame and extending the use of the fireplace into two rooms. The infinite flame effect is impressive, creating a stunning spectacle, which can optionally be framed with an Escea Bevelled Lite fascia.

The double sided, see-through option also adds to the charm of the DX Series fireplaces as it emphasises the striking focus it can bring to your living space.

Bigger, better, bolder

Big can also be beautiful – the new Escea DX Series gives you one of the biggest and the best in fireplaces. Get the comfort of a massive 1500mm visible flame and excellent radiant heat output along with impressive design features to make the boldest statement in your home – twice over.

Escea DX1500 Series fireplaces: One fireplace. One installation. One price tag. Two rooms.